2015 NBA Playoffs Full of Disappointment

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2015 NBA Playoffs Full of Disappointment

Around the middle of the season I personally was extremely excited that the 2015 NBA Playoffs would be the best ever, especially in the Western Conference.  Injuries and a single game have changed it into just another playoff season.

The final game of the regular season changed the entire complexion of the 2015 NBA playoffs and that single loss by the San Antonio Spurs to the New Orleans Pelicans put an anchor on the entire Western Conference.

If the San Antonio Spurs won we would have seen one of the most exciting first round match ups between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  It would have been a battle of two electric home court arenas and even without Kevin Durant, the Thunder would probably have won a couple of games and wouldn’t be a pushover like the Pelicans were.

This would also mean the San Antonio Spurs would be the #2 seed and on course for the Western Conference Finals against the Warriors and that would have been a true series.  Instead the San Antonio Spurs just getting into form had a tough 7 game series against the Los Angeles Clippers and fell at the buzzar.  If you would have given the Spurs the Mavericks in the first round they might find there A game just like last year when they were better as the playoff progressed.

Smooth Road for the Warriors

Golden State Warriors had the easiest road possible to the Western Conference Finals and gained plenty of confidence along the way.  The Houston Rockets are an inconsistent team that doesn’t have players like Dwight Howard playing at their best game in and game out.  You can’t be an inconsistent team with effort in the playoffs and expect to win the title, it appears the Warriors have it wrapped up in the Western Conference.

Toronto Raptors had a great regular season and they have a great atmosphere for the playoffs but they were swept in four games despite being the team with home court advantage.

Cleveland Cavaliers have just played their game despite two of their superstars getting hurt and beat some mediocre teams and now have a 2-0 lead on probably the worst 60 win team in NBA history.

It all points to a Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors NBA Final

James vs Curry for all the marbles

Lebron James vs Stephen Curry for the title with both players really wanting to bring a NBA Championship to their respective cities is a strong battle it would appear on paper.

The thing is the Cleveland Cavaliers have had such an easy road that the Golden State Warriors could feel like a ton of bricks as they are way better than who the Cavs have faced thus far.  Cleveland is going to have to play incredible defense and steal a game in Golden State or the Warriors might sweep the Cavaliers in four!

Golden State Warriors look better than they really are, the Houston Rockets have horrible defense and a Warrior team will definitely take advantage of that.  Stephen Curry is shooting way better than normal, because he is getting clean looks and has gained more confidence as the playoffs have went on.  Everyone keeps pumping up Stephen Curry and he is rising to the occasion.

Even if it would still end up Golden State vs Cleveland I wish we had some better match ups and a tougher road for the Warriors than the lucky draw they have received.

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