CFL BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders Preview

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CFL BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders Preview

It’s a battle of division rivals between the BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders.

No one is talking about the Calgary Stampeders I am guessing people are forgetting that they went 14-4 last season and were tied for the best record in the league.  They are going to be working hard to do better after a disappointing run in the playoffs.

The BC Lions are at home back with Wally Buono leading the team and it’ll be interesting to see if he can get his team sorted out this season.  They made the playoffs last year, but 7-11 isn’t exactly the sign of a team on the right track.

Should be a solid late night football game between two teams with something to prove and each team wanting to start the season off with a win.

CFL Expert Predictions for the BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders

As you may or may not know, I crush the CFL for a living, last year was a tough year to predict and it wasn’t very profitable.  The year before it was amazing and I am hoping it returns to that glory this season around.

Interesting game tonight, with so many changes and the preseason being so meaningless, it is tough to predict this battle correctly.

I think the Calgary Stampeders are the better team, but not sure how well they will play in this game.

BC is at home where points are usually lower than usual, but Bo Levi Mitchell could run up the score if he gets hot.

Calgary Stampeders 24 BC Lions 19

Betting Under 47.5 Points 1.91 Odds (Bet365)

Calgary Stampeders to Win 1.71 Odds (Bet365)

Calgary Stampeders -2.5 Points 1.95 Odds (Bet365)

Have a Great Day!

CFL Edmonton Eskimos vs Ottawa Redblacks Preview

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CFL Edmonton Eskimos vs Ottawa Redblacks Preview

It’s a rematch of the 2015 Grey Cup Final between the Edmonton Eskimos vs Ottawa Redblacks.

The Edmonton Eskimos play their first game at home since winning the grey cup and will be looking to start the season the same way they ended it.

Last night was a terrible game, what made me really sick is seeing $153 ticket price for good seats at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers game.  Those tickets should be half that price at the most, I mean come on a family of 4 spending close to $700 on the game is beyond despicable.

I did predict the upset once again and started the season perfect, besides the over/under.  It was pretty hard to watch that garbage of a game.  Fortunately this game is primed to be a great one.

Fun Fact: The Over/Under was at 52 points at most betting sites and is now up to 55.0 points which means people have been betting huge money on the over in this game.  Regardless if it is over or not, lots of points is expected and that makes for a pretty fun game to watch.

Ottawa Redblacks went from an expansion team having a dismal season to over achieving the very next year and almost winning the Grey Cup!  I don’t know what their expectations are this year, but I am sure they want to get revenge tonight against the Eskimos.

Weird to have a coach lead you to the title and then is gone to another team, the Eskimos have a new head coach and it’ll be interesting how successful they will be this year.  They could run over the league, they could struggle, only time will tell.

CFL Expert Predictions for the Edmonton Eskimos vs Ottawa Redblacks

As you may or may not know, I crush the CFL for a living, last year was a tough year to predict and it wasn’t very profitable.  The year before it was amazing and I am hoping it returns to that glory this season around.

2 upsets to open the season and I picked them both will I do it again tonight?

Nope, seems like it will be a party in Edmonton.  Seems like the deck is stacked, they are feeling good and loose remembering the championship.  Fans are going to be loud and happy.  I think the Eskimos will win this game.

Edmonton Eskimos 36 Ottawa Redblacks 18

Betting Under 55.0 Points 1.91 Odds (Bet365)

Edmonton Eskimos to Win 1.37 Odds (Bet365)

Edmonton Eskimos -6.5 Points 1.95 Odds (Bet365)

Have a Great Day!

CFL Montreal Alouettes vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers Preview

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winnipeg bluebombres

CFL Montreal Alouettes vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers Preview

It’s the first Friday Night Football of the season as the Montreal Alouettes vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers battle it out for their first win of 2016.

Last night was a pretty solid season opener, with plenty of points and I am always have to brag about my great predictions.  Very interested to see how these two teams come out to start the regular season.

These 2 teams battled it out in pre season in Winnipeg, just like tonight and the Blue Bombers won by a significant margin 36-13.

Both of these teams have the highest odds to win the Grey Cup heading into the season at 13-1.  One of them will be tied a top of the division after tonight’s game.

The Montreal Alouettes are going with Kevin Glenn at Quarterback, he isn’t really primed to have a breakthrough season, I think his best years are behind him.  But he is a solid option until they can get a quarterback of the future.  Having Duron Carter back is massive for the Alouettes, he could be a real boost to their struggling aerial attack.

Winnipeg has Drew Willy back and he usually is either really on or a 50/50 type quarterback.  When he is on the Bombers can run up the score, but they are going to have to improve their defense which was abysmal in 2015.

Both of these teams aren’t projected to be at the top, but both are proud football cities and they are going to do whatever it takes to prove the country wrong.

CFL Expert Predictions for the Montreal Alouettes vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers

As you may or may not know, I crush the CFL for a living, last year was a tough year to predict and it wasn’t very profitable.  The year before it was amazing and I am hoping it returns to that glory this season around.

Went perfect on the opener last night, hoping to start a hot streak in the first week of the 2016 CFL season.

I think this is going to be a closer game than the pre season game, and I also think the other team actually wins this one.  I initially was on Winnipeg but the more I think about how the stadium isn’t sold out and who is back for Montreal.  I think by the slimmest of margins Montreal can come in and steal a win.

Montreal Alouettes 29 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 26

Betting Over 49.0 Points 1.91 Odds (Bet365)

Montreal Alouettes to Win 2.30 Odds (Bet365)

Montreal Alouetttes +2.5 Points 1.95 Odds (Bet365)

Have a Great Day!

2016 CFL Kickoff Toronto Argonauts vs Hamilton Tiger Cats Preview

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draftkings cflfree

2016 CFL Kickoff Toronto Argonauts vs Hamilton Tiger Cats Preview

The 2016 CFL Regular Season kicks off with Thursday Night Football between the Toronto Argonauts vs Hamilton Tiger Cats.

This game is played at the brand New BMO Field in Toronto!

This game should have an incredible atmosphere and is definitely a great way to kick off the 2016 Canadian Football League season.

Interesting year in the CFL, there is no clear favorite to win the Grey Cup, every team is at least 6-1 odds and that is rare in a 9 team league.

Hamilton and Toronto are the two teams in the East division with the lowest odds 7-1 and 7.5-1 respectively.  The first game could be a preview of a playoff battle later in the season.

Who isn’t excited to see Ricky Ray back in action, he played so good before he was hurt and I am always glad to see an injured player get to return.

Hamilton Tiger Cats are going to look to spoil the party at BMO field by taking down the Argos in what I expect to be a high scoring game.

CFL Expert Prediction Toronto Argonauts vs Hamilton Tiger Cats

As you may or may not know, I crush the CFL for a living, last year was a tough year to predict and it wasn’t very profitable.  The year before it was amazing and I am hoping it returns to that glory this season around.

I like the Hamilton Tiger Cats to spoil the party at BMO field, they are going to be really tough to beat in the opener.

Hamilton Tiger Cats 37 Toronto Argonauts 33

Betting Over 52.5 Points 1.91 Odds (Bet365)

Hamilton to Win 2.85 Odds (Bet365)

Hamilton +4.5 Points 1.95 Odds (Bet365)

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Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more CFL game previews throughout the season along with my expert predictions.

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Jason Mercier at a Razz Final Table So Intense?

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Jason Mercier at a Razz Final Table So Intense?

Jason Mercier just won the 2-7 No Limit single draw event for $273,000 a couple of days ago, but it was closer to a million dollars with the additional cash he won from bracelet bets.  The very next event Jason entered the same night was the $10,000 Razz event, he is now the chip leader heading into the final table.  Looking to go back to back, but that is not the most intense thing about this heater.

Jason Mercier and Vanessa Selbst have quite the bet, Vanessa was drunk but still made a bet against Jason that he would not win 3 bracelets this summer.  The stakes are huge and if Jason wins tonight he is one bracelet away, with plenty of winnable events remaining this summer.  Vanessa Selbst could lose a fortune if Jason wins 3 bracelets.

There is more to this story than what appears, apparently when Vanessa sobered up she tried to buy out of the bet, but Jason ignored her and the bet stayed on.

Now you may side with Vanessa Selbst as she did try to get out of this wager and she was intoxicated when she made the bet.  The thing is she already had made a bet against Dzmitry Urbanovich, the same bet against 3 bracelets that was publicized around the world.  If she already had made a similar bet against another opponent, then she was making her own mistakes.

Don’t Feel Bad for Vanessa Selbst

It reminds me of Mike Matusow making stupid prop bets on television, giving ridiculous odds and then when things started to look bad, remorse and excuses were made.

Very smart people like to make prop bets that they think is hustling the other person.  Vanessa thought she was taking $10,000 from Jason Mercier and she is two wins away from being very wrong.  Lesson learned if you drink and make stupid bets that could cost you over a million dollars, don’t drink.  Everyone now and then needs a little reality check and this is a good lesson for Vanessa to learn regardless if she wins or loses.

Jason Mercier offered the world 2.7-1 that he would win a bracelet this year on Twitter, I wanted to bet against Jason but happy I didn’t as he proved me wrong.

Unofficial details on the bet

vanesssaselbstVERSUS  jasonmercier

$10,000 Wager

Odds: 180-1

Vanessa Selbst stands to lose $1,800,000 if Jason Mercier wins 3 Bracelets

Jason Mercier loses $10,000 if he doesn’t win 3 Bracelets

Razz Final Table Tonight on

Everyone should tune into the final table tonight, it will be the most exciting razz tournament since Phil Hellmuth won last year.

If Jason Mercier wins back to back, it will really spark some conversation and sweats throughout the series unless a buyout is made.  If Jason doesn’t win tonight than Vanessa Selbst is once again a heavy favorite.  I like Jason to have another sweat at one after this, so if he wins tonight the 2016 World Series of Poker gets a lot more interesting.

Razz Final Table Stream Link

Chris Ferguson Returns to WSOP Howard Lederer Looming So WRONG

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Chris Ferguson Returns to WSOP Howard Lederer Looming So WRONG

Chris Ferguson returned to the World Series of Poker playing the $10,000 7 Card Stud Championship, which is the 2nd event of the 2016 WSOP.

There was speculation that Howard Lederer was planning on playing some World Series of Poker events this year.  Chris Ferguson was a bit of an outside shot to see him back, but sure enough it appears both of these villains have the balls to show up at the World Series of Poker this year.

They should be banned from every casino, every online poker site in the world.  They shouldn’t be back this year, they shouldn’t be back ever.

These two are criminals that have destroyed lives, crushed dreams and cost people around the world millions of dollars.

Hidden Victims

I always like to bring up the hidden victims of the Full Tilt, because I feel like one of them.

We all know that thousands of people had money locked up on Full Tilt, including some people having most of their net worth on Full Tilt Poker.  Which is definitely a horrible feeling, especially for those who had more than 4 figures stuck on there.

What about the people including myself who attempted to withdrawal on Full Tilt when things were starting to look bleak, then have that withdrawal cancelled by Full Tilt and returned to my account for no reason.  To me that money became worthless, because I couldn’t cash out to Moneybookers of all things.  I was so pissed off that Full Tilt didn’t process my withdrawal and then seen it back in my account so I punted it off.  What about all the people who couldn’t cash out and punted it off, because to them the money was worthless.

What about how Full Tilt’s demise led to Poker Stars having the opportunity to own a poker monopoly.  This year especially Poker Stars is really contributing to killing online poker.  No one should be playing on Poker Stars unless you are a mixed game player.  If you’re a cash game player, you should be grinding on Unibet.  If you’re a tournament player you should be playing on Party Poker.

What about the players that had to borrow money, play lower stakes and lost huge amounts of EV by having their bankroll cut significantly when Full Tilt froze their funds.

What about how online poker’s reputation was severely tarnished, because recreational players didn’t want to take what they considered a risk of putting money online.  That cost everyone probably 100’s of millions of dollars.

What Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson contributed to caused so much more damage than just freezing player accounts.  It really hurt everyone who plays online poker around the world, in more ways than one.

There is nothing they can do to make up for what they did, Lederer made some way too late, way too meaningless apology thru Daniel Negreanu’s blog.

When I see that I lose even more respect for Daniel Negreanu, he’s really turning into a piece of shit.  He has done nothing while Poker Stars has made horrible changes that has hurt every grinder out there.  He is standing up for Howard Lederer, when you think of Howard Lederer and what he has done, think of Daniel Negreanu now too.  I’m glad that Unibet Poker is rising while other sites are falling.  They are doing things right by keeping games soft and fair for everyone.  Any decent poker player can make money at Unibet Poker playing cash games, if you can’t you’re not a good poker player.


Best Buddies!

Best Part of Chris Ferguson returning to the World Series of Poker

He didn’t cash as he was eliminated on Day 1, leaving $10,000 going back to the poker community.  Happy to see Daniel Negreanu also not make Day 2.

What are these guys thinking, imagine if they were to win a bracelet or make a deep run, I hope they get berated to the point that they cry and feel some of that pain that millions have felt because of their actions.

Get out of poker Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer, and stay out!


NLL Finals Buffalo Bandits vs Saskatchewan Rush Game 1 Preview

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Buffalo Bandits Logo

NLL Finals Buffalo Bandits vs Saskatchewan Rush Game 1 Preview

Welcome to the 2016 NLL Finals Buffalo Bandits vs Saskatchewan Rush Game 1 Preview.

This is the first game in a best of 3 series that will determine the National Lacrosse League champion for 2016!

The Saskatchewan Rush are the defending champions, they were the Edmonton Rush last season and it would be extremely impressive and unheard of to repeat as champions after the team being moved.  The Rush fans in Saskatoon and all across Saskatchewan have been amazing, showing incredible support in their inaugural season.

The Buffalo Bandits had the best regular season record after they went on an insane tear to finish the season, which is the reason why Buffalo has home advantage for games 1 and 3 if necessary.

This seems like a fitting way to end the season with the two powerhouses from each conference fighting it out for all the glory.

How the National Lacrosse League Finals Works

Game 1 is hosted by Buffalo on May 28th; Game 2 is in Saskatoon on Saturday June 4th and Game 3 will probably be on June 11th in Buffalo.

If either of the two teams win both games, then the series is over.

If the two teams split the two games, then a third game will be played.

 The third game is a full game unlike the previous round.

Tale of The Tape

 Buffalo Bandits Logo VS Saskatchewan Rush Logo for their lacrosse club.

Buffalo Bandits (15-5) (9-1 at Home) vs Saskatchewan Rush (15-5) (7-3 on Road)

Buffalo Offense 14.3 Goals Per Game Defense 11.95 Goals Allowed Per Game

Saskatchewan Offense 13.05 Goals Per Game Defense 10.45 Goals Allowed Per Game

Regular Season Series: Buffalo won the season series 1-0

Fun Fact: The only game the two teams played this year resulted in 37 goals!

Buffalo Bandits vs Saskatchewan Rush Live Stream

When: Saturday May 28th 2016

Where: First Niagara Center Buffalo, New York

Game Time: 7:30 PM ET 5:30 Saskatchewan Time

Buffalo Bandits Live Stream

Saskatchewan Rush can watch it live on TSN2 or TSN Go

Buffalo Bandits vs Saskatchewan Rush Expert Prediction

Should be a really fun game with plenty of goals, the major question is if Saskatchewan can slow down the potent Bandits offense.  Hope the Rush can take this game personally so they can close it out here in Saskatoon next Saturday, but I think the Buffalo Bandits are the better bet tonight.

Buffalo Bandits 17 Saskatchewan Rush 15

Expert Prediction: Buffalo Bandits

Regular Season Record: 17-7

Playoff Record: 5-1

NLL Finals Buffalo Bandits vs Saskatchewan Rush Game 1 Betting Odds

Odds from Sports Interaction Get a 100% up to $125 Instant Bonus on your first deposit.

To Win Game 1

Buffalo Bandits 1.70 Odds

Saskatchewan Rush 2.02 Odds

Enjoy The Game!

How Bismack Biyombo Did NOT Save the Toronto Raptors

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Kyle Lowry carrying the Raptors on his back.

How Bismack Biyombo Did NOT Save the Toronto Raptors

Bismack Biyombo had a Toronto Raptor all time playoff high of 26 rebounds in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals but he did not save the Toronto Raptors.

I am so sick and tired of reading about Bismack Biyombo on how he saved the Raptors all over the media.  The truth is, his game wasn’t that impressive and instead everyone should be focusing on how Derozan has turned it around with his great game 3 performance.

Bismack Biyombo’s score line was 7 Points 26 Rebounds (18 Def 8 Off) 4 Blocks 1 Assist.

Cleveland Cavaliers missed a playoff high 51 shots in Game 3.  This gave Bismack up to 51 opportunities to get a defensive rebound.  He snatched up 35% of the missed shots by the Cavaliers which is pretty good.  But a lot of misses just hop off the rim right to him.  It’s his job to get up there and grab the rebound.

8 Offensive Rebounds now that is impressive, but it wasn’t like he just went up strong and dunked for easy baskets.  He could have at least tried to get to the foul line, or even assist the ball.  Biyombo scored 1 point the entire game besides his 6 point run in the fourth quarter.  21 of his rebounds were before the 4th quarter.  He had 1 assist the entire game, he only went up strong and went to the foul line for just 2 shots the entire game.  That is where he scored his lone point before the 6 point run late in the game.

4 Blocks that definitely helps the team, as long as your team recovers the ball and you just don’t swat it out-of-bounds.  Biyombo also was stuffed twice by the Cavaliers though so I would say a net 2 of blocks.

Biyombo didn’t save the team, the Raptors won by 15 points and Biyombo didn’t even score half that amount.  He can do his antics by Usain Bolting, he can get himself fired up and play with energy.  For someone show boating as much as Biyombo remember in Game 2 he had 3 Points and 5 Rebounds.  In Game 1 he had 12 points and 4 rebounds.  He has to bring the rebounding effort every game, he is also averaging just 7.3 points in this series and Raptors need him to do more than show boat to replace the offence that Jonas Valanciunas would be giving us.


Demar Derozan What a Game!

Demar Derozan was the main reason the Raptors won Game 3, that and the Cavaliers super stars struggling uncharacteristically.

Demar Derozan was efficient with 32 Points on 50% shooting and getting to the free throw line 9 times.  Raptors haven’t lost in the playoffs when Demar gets to the free throw line at least 8 times.

The hidden stat that is really impressive is that Demar Derozan had 0 turnovers.  It is so hard to never turn the ball over against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  With 4 assists and 5 rebounds of his own, Derozan was the star of the game.


Raptors are in this series

The majority over reacted after games 1 and 2.  The Toronto Raptors aren’t that far behind Cleveland.  Cleveland’s road till now isn’t that impressive.  They beat a young inexperienced Detroit Pistons team and still had mostly close games in the first round.  The Cavaliers match up really well against Atlanta, they swept Atlanta in regular season and last year in playoffs.  11 Straight wins versus the Atlanta hawks, couldn’t really pick a better second round match up for Cleveland.

Toronto and Cleveland have played each other 6 times this year.  Both teams have won three games a piece and this series is not over.

I thought the Raptors would have lost to the Miami Heat, but they keep prevailing, they keep holding teams to abysmal fourth quarters.  I don’t understand it, their defense isn’t that great in the fourth, I don’t know if it’s fatigue by the other team or what.

Toronto is one home win away from making this series all square for a best of 3 to an unthinkable NBA Finals.

Remember this the Oklahoma City Thunder lost worse than the Raptors did in Game 1 in their Game 1 versus the San Antonio Spurs.  The Thunder took 4 of the next 5 games after being down 43 in the first game and now they are up 2-1 on the 73 win Warriors.  Don’t underestimate teams that have made it this far, with heart and team commitment, anything is possible.

Toronto Raptors to Win Series 15.00 Odds Sports Interaction

$20 Bet wins $300!

Saskatchewan Rush vs Calgary Roughnecks Game 2 Playoff Preview

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Saskatchewan Rush Logo for their lacrosse club.

Saskatchewan Rush vs Calgary Roughnecks Game 2 Playoff Preview

Welcome to the Saskatchewan Rush vs Calgary Roughnecks Game 2 Playoff Preview

The Saskatchewan Rush are finally back at home and have not 1 but 2 cracks tonight in front of a sold out crowd to advance to the championships!

 The Rush fueled by a strong fourth quarter defeated the Calgary Roughnecks in Calgary by a score of 16-10.

The game was close throughout but the Rush made a couple of key saves that led to some big time goals in the fourth.

Calgary has to win not only Game 2 but also a mini game directly after to advance to the Championships.

How this Playoff Round Works

Game 2 and 3 is in Saskatoon on the 21st.

If Saskatchewan wins either of the two games tonight they advance.

If Calgary wins Game 2, then a third game will be played.

 The third game is not a full game, it will be a mini game in Saskatoon after Game 2 on the same day.

Saskatchewan has the edge of having both games 2 and 3 in the incredible atmosphere of the Sasktel Centre in Saskatoon!

Tale of The Tape

Saskatchewan Rush Logo for their lacrosse club. VS Calgary Roughnecks logo

Saskatchewan Rush (14-5) (7-2 at Home) vs Calgary Roughnecks (9-11) (4-6 on Road)

Calgary Offense 11.95 Goals Per Game Defense 11.89 Goals Allowed Per Game

Saskatchewan Offense 12.94 Goals Per Game Defense 10.56 Goals Allowed Per Game

Regular Season Series: Saskatchewan Swept Calgary 4 Games to 0

Playoff Series: Saskatchewan Leads 1 Game to 0

Saskatchewan Rush vs Calgary Roughnecks Live Stream

When: Saturday May 21st 2016

Where: Sasktel Centre Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Game Time: 9:30 PM ET; 7:30 PM Saskatchewan Time

Calgary Roughnecks Live Stream


Saskatchewan Rush Live Stream

Updated: Now Saskatchewan Rush Fans can watch on Sasktel Channel 349 for Sasktel Max Users!

Saskatchewan Rush vs Calgary Roughnecks Tickets

Tickets Currently are Ranging from $29.90 to $35.90

Buy Playoff Tickets Here

There are currently extremely limited tickets remaining, mostly in the family zone.

Expert Prediction

The Saskatchewan Rush have now won 5 straight games against the Calgary Roughnecks this season including playoffs and regular season.

I think the Rush are going to be extremely fired up and excited to be back at home.  I expect nothing but the best from the Rush as they make their way into the championship series.

Saskatchewan Rush 18 Calgary Roughnecks 9

Expert Prediction: Saskatchewan Rush

Regular Season Record: 17-7

Playoff Record: 3-1

Calgary Roughnecks vs Saskatchewan Rush Game 1 Playoff Betting Odds

Odds from Canadian Online Sportsbook Sports Interaction Get a 100% up to $125 Instant Bonus on your first deposit.

To Win Game 1

Saskatchewan Rush 1.33 Odds

Calgary Roughnecks 3.07 Odds

Enjoy The Game!

Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Greatness Arrives

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Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Greatness Arrives

Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder is the best NBA series match up in years.

For the first time in the past couple seasons, the Golden State Warriors don’t draw a soft or injured squad in the playoffs.

It’s time for the 2016 Western Conference Finals!  This is the series preview that will give you a much better insight to this series than any expert could give you.

Most expected the San Antonio Spurs to be here instead of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the Thunder are playing with their heart’s and incredibly took 4 of 5 games against a 67 win team.  Just remember the San Antonio Spurs won 67 games in the regular season by incorporating a bunch of new players, resting their starters and getting ready for the playoffs.  That is only 6 games less than the Golden State Warriors who pushed for records and was very fortunate with team health throughout the regular season.

Golden State Not Great?

The Golden State Warriors have not proved to me that they are great, to be honest I think they are the most over-hyped team in the NBA by far.

Golden State won the title last year, by defeating fairly weak opponents, avoiding both the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs.  They also played an NBA finals against a team without 2 of their 3 star players.  Imagine if Golden State lost Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, could luck guys.  The NBA never has had so many mediocre teams that I can remember throughout an entire regular season and very good teams like San Antonio and Golden State just took care of business.

Oklahoma City Thunder are ready to go, they have to be at an all time high in confidence.  I could tell by their interview after game 2 when asked if they were happy to take 1 of 2 from San Antonio.  Both Westbrook and Durant were annoyed by the question, they wanted both wins in San Antonio not just one.  They are in it to win it this year, and I think they have a really good chance to stun the Warriors.

This is going to one hell of a series, I know I was pretty pro Thunder in this article, the Warriors don’t need any added promotion.  They still are the #1 seed that won 73 games this year and that is impressive regardless.  I just firmly believe they don’t have this series in the bag and they are in danger of their regular season being less meaningful by not winning the title this year.

Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder Series Odds

Odds from Unibet Sportsbook and Sports Interaction to Give You The Best Odds

Golden State Warriors to Win Series 1.24 Odds (Sports Interaction)


Oklahoma City Thunder to Win Series 4.75 Odds (Unibet Sportsbook)

I am putting $2,200 on OKC to win series it wins $10,450.  If you agree with me and see the value in OKC then bet with me, if you think I am so wrong, well feel free to bet on the Golden State Warriors!

Have a Nice Day


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