2014 WSOP Main Event Final Table Betting Odds

2014 WSOP Main Event Final Table Betting Odds

The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event reached the final table Monday night and will resume in a couple months to find out who the world champion is.

Win if your player wins!
Win if your player wins!

Amazingly Mark Newhouse who you might remember from last year’s November Nine made it again for the second straight year, its mind boggling to make it to the final table back to back year’s in the world championship of poker.

Whoever wins this year gets 8 figures as their is a guaranteed first prize of $10,000,000.00!  That’s right 10 million dollars to the winner of this tournament and the 9th place finisher receives less than a million dollars so the pressure is going to be immense.

Chip Leader Heading into the Final Table is Jooryt Van Hoof from the Netherlands with 38,375,000 in Chips.

Could we so a poker boom in the Netherlands if Van Hoof were to bring across the ocean the world championship of poker.

6 Nations are represented at the final table, unfortunately no Canadians this year.

2014 WSOP Main Event Final Table Odds

Here are the final 9 players with their chip stacks and current betting odds.

Blinds are currently 200,000/400,000 with a 50,000 Ante and no player has 100 Big Blinds.

This personally kind of pisses me off that the world championship is being decided and no player to start the final table has 100 big blinds.  It is almost a turbo style tournament which has more luck involved I believe.

Odds are from Ladbrokes Online Sportsbook

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2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table Odds

Jorryt van Hoof 38,375,000 Chips 3.50 Odds

Felix Stephensen 32,775,000 Chips 4.50 Odds

Mark Newhouse 26,000,000 Chips 6.00 Odds

Dan Sindelar 21,200,000 Chips 8.00 Odds

Andoni Larrabe 22,550,000 Chips 8.00 Odds

Martin Jacobson 14,900,000 Chips 10.00 Odds

William Pappaconstantinou 17,500,000 Chips 11.00 Odds

William Tonking 15,050,000 Chips 13.00 Odds

Bruno Politano 12,125,000 Chips 17.00 Odds

2014 WSOP Main Event Prediction

I don’t know who is going to win, its almost a crap shoot, I think the pressure is going to be too tough for Mark Newhouse.  I think any player with 8.00 odds or higher is a smart pick.  With the blinds so high anyone can go on a rush, no one can really sit around.

Enjoy the 2014 WSOP Main Event Final Table!

Ladbrokes WSOP Odds

WSOP Big One for One Drop Million Buy In Final Table Odds

WSOP Big One for One Drop Million Buy In Final Table Odds

It’s here someone is going to be shipping the second largest prize in poker tournament history I believe of $15,306,668 which is absolutely ridiculous.

Win if your player wins!
Win if your player wins!

Keep in mind that most of the professionals don’t have 100% of themselves and many like 10 to 20% of themselves so they aren’t getting all of that cash.  The rich businessmen and the sickos are playing for all of that money themselves.

Defending Champion Antonio Esfandiari in great position to win it again!

Antonio Esfandiari the super shark it would appear.  Antonio Esfandiari is one of the best readers of the game, he has used his talents to battle from a short stack on Day 1 to over 20,000,000 chips and if he wins that is just a mind blowing double.

Until Antonio Esfandiari bombed off every single chip he had and finished in 10th place.

Reading updates isn’t the most fun when sweating a poker tournament, I wish I was in Las Vegas but what I learned is the top professionals really don’t know how to play turbo tournaments.

Daniel Negreanu called off a 3 bet of 850,000 when he had a stack of under 5,700,000 with J9!  He was up against Sam Trickett’s Aces and he flopped a 9 and Trickett tried to trap and Negreanu rivered another 9 and Trickett shoved and Negreanu tank called.  This is an example of two top professionals playing pretty bad.  Negreanu shouldn’t be in it and Trickett should have been barreling on the flop and turn.  Sometimes these top professional try to out level and think their opponents when if your playing a turbo, sometimes your stack size determines how you have to play.   If Daniel had 20 million or even one of the chip leaders his call with J9 could be justified, when your short the only players that call off 15% of their chips are the fish in the $2.20 tournaments online.

Regardless Sam Trickett went from massive chip leader to out in 15th and Daniel Negreanu is still in the tournament.

I think if you look at the Final Table Chip Counts you will notice that the amateurs are doing really well in this tournament, there was a lot of professionals that out numbered the amateurs and yet take a look at the chip counts.

Final Table Chip Counts with Betting Odds

I thought I would combine the chip counts so it is simple for any of you, who would like to wager on the final table that is happening July 1st aka today technically.

Happy Canada Day everyone from Canada!

Odds are from Ladbrokes Sportsbook

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 Rick Salomon 23,575,000 Chips 7.00 Odds

Tobias Reinkemeier 22,825,000 Chips 5.00 Odds

Daniel Colman 22,625,000 Chips 5.00 Odds

Daniel Negreanu 20,700,000 Chips 5.00 Odds

Cary Katz 9,125,000 Chips 8.50 Odds

Scott Seiver 8,250,000 Chips 10.00 Odds

Tom Hall 7,775,000 Chips 12.00 Odds

Christoph Vogelsang 7,075,000 Chips 10.00 Odds

Paul Newey 4,050,000 Chips 15.00 Odds

As you can see the chip leader isn’t the odds on favourite, and Daniel Negreanu is right there along with Tobias Reinkemeier as those two pros are in the best shape to win this prestigious title.

Scott Seiver shouldn’t be counted out at 10.00 Odds I think he has value.

I have been wrong as I thought Esfandiari, Trickett or Ivey had a good chance and none of them are still in the tournament.

Example Bets: $25 on Daniel Negreanu at 5.00 Odds wins $125 ($25 x 5)

$100 on Scott Seiver wins $1,000

 Enjoy the Big One for One Drop Final Table today and don’t let those players be the only ones getting rich!

Ladbrokes Online Sportsbook

WSOP One Drop Million Dollar Buy In Live Odds Online

WSOP One Drop Million Dollar Buy In Live Odds Online

I just stumbled upon greatness, as one of the leading online sports books has live in play odds for the World Series of Poker Million Dollars Buy In Tournament that you can bet on with just 31 players remaining and cheer on your favourite player to potentially win you some big cash.

Win if your player wins!
Win if your player wins!

Obviously not as much as they are standing to win, but this is so great and the odds are spectacular!

31 Players remain in the one drop buy in and you have to get your bets in quickly as Day 2 will get away within an hour or 2, so I would bet right now, if your going to.

Sam Trickett is the overwhelming chip leader and he finished 2nd to Antonio Esfandiari in the last million dollar buy in two years ago.

He has over 13,400,000 Chips and the only player in 8 figures from a 3,000,000 starting stack and you would figure he is about 4-1, but he is actually 10.00 Odds

$10 wager wins $110 and I think that is exceptional value.

Phil Ivey who just won his 10th WSOP Bracelet a couple nights ago is 3rd in chips with 7,675,000 and is 12.00 Odds to win the tournament, the world’s best player is 11-1 and he is in 3rd with 31 left!

The defending champion Antonio Esfandiari was on the brink of elimination, but reads his opponents so well that he battled back to 5th place with 6,725,000 chips and he is 19.00 Odds!

Where to Bet and Live Current Odds

Odds are from Ladbrokes Sportsbook and they have an exceptional online poker room as well, it is all with one account.

If you don’t have an account?  Hurry and get one right now by clicking here

To Win One Drop Million Dollar Buy In

Sam Trickett 10.00 Odds

Phil Ivey 12.00 Odds

Antonio Esfandiari 19.00 Odds

Daniel Negreanu 19.00 Odds

Erik Seidel 21.00 Odds

Tobias Reinkemier 21.00 Odds

Phil Galfond 21.00 Odds

Noah Schwartz 21.00 Odds

Daniel Colman 21.00 Odds

Tom Hall 21.00 Odds

David Sands 21.00 Odds

Doug Pok 23.00 Odds

Isaac Haxton 26.00 Odds

Others available see Ladbrokes Sportsbook for full list

Who I am Betting On

Sam Trickett I am betting big on, Phil Ivey as well, Antonio Esfandiari could make it two for two.  Don’t count out Erik Seidel either.

This is going to be so much fun to watch and cheer for my players, and you can to at Ladbrokes Sportsbook right now

Good Luck and have a great day!
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2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Odds with Picks

2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Odds Preview with Best Value Picks

The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event is a little juicier than previous years as their is a $10,000,000 Guaranteed First Prize to the Winner and every single professional will be doing their best to win that 8 Figure Sum!


Winning the World Series of Poker Main Event is tough for anyone including the top professionals, and it has shown for the past years where no top professional has really won the tournament.

Not since 2001 when Carlos Mortensen won the tournament has an established big name pro has won the tournament, sure you can argue someone like Greg Merson or Joe Hachem maybe, but come on you didn’t know there names most likely till the final table.

The thing is Big Name pros have still made the final table and had the chance to win it.  Allen Cunningham couldn’t beat Jamie Gold, even the best player in the world Phil Ivey got unlucky and Joe Cada won the tournament.

Michael Mizrachi and JC Tran were the latest to make the final table and fail to win the world championship.  Last year was probably the first year in a long time where no big name professional made the final table.

World Series of Poker Main Event Odds

If you have a favourite poker professional, or just know who is a great Texas hold’em tournament player that has the capability of running deep and making the final table.

The thing is if you can successfully pick a player to win the WSOP Main Event and they make the final table, you could potentially hit a massive win.

If there is a player that you want to bet on, you can request the player and the following Bet 365 Online Sportsbook will probably give you odds for that player, which is awesome!

Phil Ivey 151-1

Daniel Negreanu 175-1

Gus Hansen 175-1

Phil Hellmuth 201-1

Antonio Esfandiari 251-1

Johnny Chan 251-1

Doyle Brunson 251-1

Jason Mercier 251-1

Defending Champion Ryan Reiss 251-1

Patrik Antonius 276-1

Tom Dwan 351-1

Michael Mizrachi 301-1

Barry Greenstein 401-1

Eli Elezra 501-1

Eric Seidel 501-1

Greg Merson 501-1

Erick Lindgren 501-1

Jean-Robert Bellande 501-1

Phil Galfond 501-1

Vanessa Selbst 501-1

Phil Laak 501-1

Annette Obrestad 501-1

Chris Moneymaker 501-1

Carlos Mortensen 1001-1

Mike Sexton 1001-1

Jennifer Tilly 1001-1

Vanessa Rousso 1001-1

There are tons more players you can choose from I just listed some notables and you can also request players exclusively at Bet 365 Online Sportsbook!

World Series of Poker Main Event Best Value Bet Picks

Well first of all unfortunately you can throw out Doyle Brunson because he has a hard time playing for so many days and I don’t want to deter anyone else, but there are some players I would avoid.

Here are my 5 Value picks including a player that isn’t on the list.

#1. Dominik Nitsche (Have to Request) Probably 1001-1

I think he has the best chance of running deep he is a Texas Hold’em machine and has 2 bracelets this summer already in Hold’em!

#2. Eric Seidel 501-1

He is a great hold’em player and I think this year could be his turn to run deep in the WSOP Main Event.

Example Bet: $20 would win you $10,200 if Eric Seidel pulled it off!

#3. Erick Lindgren 501-1

Not a very popular player anymore, after him owing debts and doing some dodgy things but he is a great Texas Hold’em player and it wouldn’t be the first time a questionable pro runs deep.

#4. Sam Trickett 501-1

Sam Trickett is one of the best Texas Hold’em players in the world, he shouldn’t really be a long shot at 501-1.

#5. Daniel Negreanu 176-1

Not much value, but come on Daniel Negreanu is going to run deep in a main event eventually…

Enjoy these bets at Bet 365 Sportsbook

Minimum Bet is only 20 Cents so bet on a bunch of players and hopefully they just make it to the final table so you can watch live on ESPN or in Vegas and cheer your player on for a massive win!

World Cup Predicting Separating the Studs from the Duds

World Cup Predicting Separating the Studs from the Duds

The 2014 World Cup is mid way into the 3rd matches of the group stage and there has been some incredible upsets that have shaken the tournament up.   I will show what teams have the easiest potential path to the cup and what teams are going to probably bite the dust.

Stan James

Spain is out of the tournament, England is out of the tournament and Costa Rica is leading one of the toughest groups, what is going on!

If you look at the bracket, which is potentially going to happen you can see a few teams that have a great shot at making the elite 8.

1A- Brazil vs 2B-Chile

1C-Colombia (projected) vs 2D- Uruguay or Italy (Projected)

1E- France (lock) vs 2F- Nigeria(Projected)

1G- Germany (Projected) vs 2H Algeria (Projected)

Left Side of Bracket

Brazil has won Group A and will face Chile in the round of 16.

That is a tough challenge for Brazil but they should advance to the elite 8.

Who will Brazil in the Elite 8?

It seems like it will be another South American team either Colombia or Uruguay, could be Italy but regardless it appears Brazil is going to be facing teams that they are familiar with on the road to the Final Four.

Brazil projected to make it there obviously, but it won’t be that easy.

On the other side it seems like a two team tournament, Germany vs France as they both have as easy as they could have hoped in the round of 16.

I like the French, as the Germans drew with Ghana and beat Portugal, which doesn’t seem like that much as Portugal is pretty overrated.

Brazil vs France Final Four Prediction

Right Side of the Bracket

1B- Netherlands vs 2A- Mexico

1D- Costa Rica (Projected) vs 2C- Greece or Cote d Ivoire (Projected)

1F-Argentina(Projected) vs 2E- Switzerland or Ecuador (Projected)

1H- Belgium (Projected) vs 2G- USA (Projected)

Netherlands has the easiest road possible I think as it appears that they get to face Costa Rica or Greece if they can get past Mexico,

Netherlands have to be massive favourites to make it to the final four.

Argentina on the other hand should be able to make it to the elite 8 where trouble could await.  Belgium or USA could win that match as I think Belgium is a little worse than advertised and USA is a little better than everyone thought.

Argentina should be able to make it through to the Final Four and they are my pick.

Argentina vs Netherlands Final Four

My Final Four Odds

As you can see my logic for the final four teams at the moment, and who have a lot easier roads than others.





Final Four Team Projected Odds and Who has Great Value

Odds are from Unibet Sportsbook

Brazil 4.00 Odds

Argentina 5.50 Odds

France 9.50 Odds

Netherlands 10.00 Odds

I think the Netherlands has by far the best value, as they have to get past maybe Mexico and Costa Rica to be in the final four. It’s not Colombia, Germany, Belgium

They haven’t lost a match yet, and they weren’t in an easy group.

Make a wager at Unibet Sportsbook

World Cup Poker Tournaments

World Cup Begins Today Epic Promotion SkylerAction News

World Cup Begins Today Epic Promotion SkylerAction News

It’s here and I couldn’t be more excited for the 2014 World Cup but more importantly, whether you bet on sports, the world cup, or play poker or casino this is going to be the best time to make money in a very long time.

So many poker rooms, sports books, giving away millions of dollars in cash and I am going to help guide you to where the promotions are so you can clean up.

World Cup Betting

Don’t know who to bet on, no worries we have an incredible expert making predictions on every match during the 2014 World Cup.

Check out are World Cup Site at 2014worldcup.skyleraction.com

World Cup Day 1 Promotions

Money Back on Brazil vs Croatia

Brazil vs Croatia Match Preview

Get $50 back if Brazil doesn’t win the game in the opening match of the 2014 World Cup!

So if Brazil Draws or Loses you get your money back can you say FREEROLLING!

What a promotion to start off the world cup and this promotion can be taken advantage of at Bwin.com

Bet on Any Team to Win the World Cup and Get Your Money Back if your team is Eliminated by Penalty Shoot Out

Bet 365 Sportsbook has great odds on all the teams to win the world cup and you can have a little bit of insurance, if they get into a penalty shoot out and your team loses you get refunded your money back.

World Cup Refund on Teams Losing in a Shootout

$1,000,000 Guaranteed Poker Tournament with $27 Buy In

Seems incredible to see a $27 Buy In Poker Tournament with a Million Dollar Prize Pool but Poker Stars is hosting it and there are multiple starting days, starting today!

Turn $27 into a share of $1,000,000 at Poker Stars here

Poker Stars also has Football Fever with unbelievable amounts of money added that I don’t have time to explain.

Check them out at Poker Stars or poker.skyleraction.com

More Action to Come Tomorrow as There are So Many Great Promotions to Go Threw Have a Great Day!

Belmont Stakes Prediction Will The Triple Crown be Won?

Belmont Stakes Prediction Will The Triple Crown be Won?

Belmont Stakes Prediction as California Chrome is the champion of the first two legs of the American triple crown.  One win away from being the 12th horse to win the triple crown.

The problem is no horse has won the triple crown in oh just 36 years!

Affirmed was the last horse to win the triple crown way back in 1978, 5 years after the legendary Secretariat did it in 1973.

12 Horses have won the first two legs of the triple crown since 1978 and NONE of them have won the triple crown obviously.

0-12 since 1978 that is terrible odds, when the horse who wins the first two legs of the triple crown is usually around even money to win the third and final race of the triple crown.

Here are the odds but you can skip those if you don’t want to put any action on go down if you want to see the prediction.

Best Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

I searched the best on-line sports books for the best odds on the Belmont Stakes so if you win, you win the maximum amount of cash.

Odds will change so hurry while they last!

California Chrome 2.18 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

Wicked Strong 8.00 Odds (Bet 365 Sportsbook)

Tonalist 9.60 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

Ride on Curlin 10.00 Odds (Betfair Sprtsbook)

Commanding Curve 11.00 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

Medal Count 18.00 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

General A Rod 24.00 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

Samrrat 29.00 Odds (Bet 365 Sportsbook)

Commissioner 34.00 Odds (Bet 365 Sportsbook)

Matuszak 51.00 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

Matterhorn 60.00 Odds (Betfair Sportsbook)

These odds are from the two power house mega online sportsbooks

Bet 365 Sportsbook 100% Instant Bonus up to $200

Betfair Sportsbook 20 Free Bet

Belmont Stakes Prediction

Now here is the big question who should you take and why!

I think today is a great time to go big or go home, and NOT take California Chrome to win the Triple Crown!

California Chrome has won, but its something about that triple crown that makes that third race so tough and even money I don’t think is good enough value when the last 12 have failed.

Ride on Curlin 10.00 Odds at Betfair Sportsbook

$10 wins $100 on Ride on Curlin

I think in this longer race Ride on Curlin is going to try and stay closer to California Chrome early before making its rush again.

Ride On
Ride On

Whoever you wager on good luck to you, but my money is going on Ride on Curlin!

World Cup Poker Tournaments Begin June 1st

World Cup Poker Tournaments Begin June 1st

How would you like to play in on-line poker tournaments where not only you get to play for cash but you get to play for some free world cup bets and a pile of additional cash with a points system leader board!

Starting today a world cup poker festival begins at Ladbrokes Poker with tons of promotions that you can take advantage and make a pile of extra cash this June!

World Cup Poker Tournaments
World Cup Poker Tournaments

Starting June 1st is 3 Daily Online World Cup Poker Tournaments with Guaranteed Prize Pools and a Leaderboard that can get you even more cash for finishing strong in the tournaments.

World Cup Poker Tournaments

When: Daily starting June 1st to June 11th

Called Ladbrokes Warm Up for the 2014 World Cup!

Where: Ladbrokes Poker

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Buy In: 1 Euro with 100 Euros Guaranteed in Each of the 32 Tournaments!

Ladbrokes Warm Up Leaderboard Prizes

Top 20 Get prizes between 5 Euros and 400 Euros which is incredible to play 1 euro tournaments and you can get 400 euros on top of your winnings.  This is must play poker tournaments, for low stakes poker players and anyone who has any interest in the 2014 World Cup.

How do you earn points?

Finish in the Top 199 Places in any of the daily tournaments to earn 10 points up to 200 points for exact point structure click here.

The better you finish, the more points you earn up to 200 points for each tournament toward the leaderboard prizes.  My strategy would be to finish in the top 25 each tournament as a goal, you would earn 100 points and could really rack up the points if you consistently finished in the top 25.

Upcoming Tournaments

June 1st 17:00 CET Algeria

June 1st 19:00 CET Argentina

June 1st 21:00 CET Australia

There are 3 tournaments a day for the next 11 days except for the final day where there is only 2 tournaments as there is 32 teams.

Think about it if you played all 32 tournaments you could win 400 euros just on the leaderboard alone along with a pile of free bets and cash and the max amount it would cost you is 32 euros.

I am definitely going to try and play all 32 tournaments and clean up on this great world cup promotion.

Ladbrokes Poker


Win a Million Dollars by Correctly Picking The World Cup Bracket

Win a Million Dollars by Correctly Picking The World Cup Bracket

You can win a Million Dollars by picking the 2014 World Cup Bracket correctly and even if you don’t pick it perfectly you can still win incredible prizes!


Just like March Madness is the even bigger tournament as it is time for the 2014 World Cup probably the biggest sporting event in the world, besides the Olympic Games.

Gr88.com is the host of the Million Dollar World Cup Bracket and is one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world.  You can also play poker and casino at Gr88.com but lets focus today on the Million Dollar World Cup Bracket!

What you have to do is correctly predict the first 64 matches of the 2014 Fifa World Cup to win a Million Dollars that includes the 48 Group Stage Matches and the 16 Second Round Matches.  Long shot for sure but it is a shot at a Million Dollars!

Also if you don’t get the first 48 group stage matches correctly no worries because you can win a $100,000 if you correctly predict the 16 second round matches which definitely has a better shot of winning!

Fail both of those options well if your the best grand prize runner up you can score yourself a new Apple iPad!

To summarize you can win the following

$1,000,000 for hitting the first 64 matches

$100,000 for hitting the 16 second round matches

Apple iPad for being the closest to the grand prize that didn’t win.

How to Enter $1,000,000 World Cup Bracket

You can enter this exclusive world cup bracket at Gr88.com

What you need to enter this competition is the following:

Gr88.com Account Join by Clicking Here

To be eligible you must have made a sports of wager of 20 Euro or more at GR88.com in the last 2 weeks.

Submit you group picks before June 12nd and come back on June 26th to submit your second stage picks. Which can be done at this webpage found here.

For Terms and Conditions Check out Gr88.com

Who Should You Take to Win the 2014 World Cup?

Take a look at 2014WorldCup.skyleraction.com in the future for the latest expert picks and promotions so you can figure out who to take in your bracket.

Have a Shot at a Million Dollars at Gr88.com By Clicking Here

Note: SkylerAction.com has no active participation in this promotion and is just an affiliate to the website and any claims on this website are subject to change as it isn’t our promotion.

I'm 59-1 won 8 of the last 9 titles and I'm the UNDERDOG!

2014 French Open Expert Predictions with Odds

2014 French Open Expert Predictions with Odds

2014 French Open begins Sunday May 25th as the second grand slam tennis tournament of the year, it is always exciting since the first grand slam is way back in January.


It kind of seems like the men’s side is the Rafael Nadal open as he has absolutely dominated the French Open winning it 8 of the last 9 times.  Nadal has a 59-1 Record at the French Open and after the draw came out, Rafael Nadal is not the odds on favourite.

Rafael Nadal hasn’t had his best season on the clay court, falling to Novak Djokovic in the Rome final but honestly these are 5 set matches where Rafael Nadal has won 98.3% of his matches.

On the women’s side its Serena Williams versus the field once again, she looked dominant but honestly I don’t know if she can just show up with a light schedule and win another major tournament.  I predict that Serena Williams will not win the 2014 French Open!

Will the beauties in Maria Sharapova or Canadian rising star Eugenie Bouchard take the title down?  Both are in great form heading in the French Open.

 2014 French Open Best Betting Odds

Im hooking you up with ridiculous odds that are way different than others I mean really Federer 26.00 and Murray 31.00 $20 wins $520 and $620 respectively.

Men’s Tennis Others Available

Novak Djokovic 2.37 Odds (Bet 365 Online Sportsbook)

Rafael Nadal 2.75 Odds (Stan James Sportsbook)

Stanislas Wawrinka 12.00 Odds (Stan James Sportsbook)

David Ferrer 25.00 Odds (888 Sport)

Roger Federer 26.00 Odds (Stan James Sportsbook)

Andy Murray 31.00 Odds (888 Sport)

Jo Wilfried Tsonga 101.00 Odds (Stan James Sportsbook)

(Canadian) Milos Raonic 101.00 Odds (888 Sport)

Womens Tennis Others Available

Serena Williams 2.20 Odds (888 Sport)

Li, Na 6.50 Odds (888 Sport)

Maria Sharapova 8.00 Odds (Stan James)

Simona Halep 15.00 Odds (888 Sport)

Ana Ivonovic 21.00 Odds (888 Sport)

Sara Errani 34.00 Odds (888 Sport)

Agnieszka Radwanska 34.00 Odds (Stan James)

(Canadian) Eugenie Bouchard 67.00 Odds (888 Sport)

French Open Predictions

In the Men’s side I think Rafael Nadal is a steal at 2.75 Odds what that means is Rafael Nadal would have to win 36% of the time for this bet to be profitable.  The guy who is 59-1 and won 88.8% of his last 9 appearances is 2.75.  Come on I think its foolish to not take this value bet.

I'm 59-1 won 8 of the last 9 titles and I'm the UNDERDOG!
I’m 59-1 won 8 of the last 9 titles and I’m the UNDERDOG!

Rafael Nadal 2.75 Odds

On the Women’s side I am not feeling Serena Williams and I do think that Sharapova potentially playing her in the Quarters isn’t good for either player.  I am going to go with Li Na and Sara Errani, Sara beat Li Na last tournament but both are in the easier side of the bracket I believe.  Li Na or Lithium Sodium as Norm Macdonald once called her is the #2 Seed and I think she could be the champion at and at 6.50 Odds you can make a small investment to get a big return.  Or a massive hit if 34.00 Sara Errani came in.

Li Na 6.50 Odds

Sara Errani 34.00 Odds

Enjoy the French Open whether you agree with me or not, enjoy those premium odds at the various on-line sportsbooks and cheer for someone to make you a nice pay day.

888 Sport $88 In Free Bets

Helping you place a little action on the events you enjoy.